Can I Find Life Insurance Coverage Even with Preexisting Conditions? Finding life insurance may seem impossible when facing preexisting medical issues; but many find they can secure coverage even with these complications if they take the right steps and gather enough information.

Underwriting refers to the process in which insurers review an applicant’s health history and assess their overall wellbeing, in order to assess insurability based on severity and control of medical conditions, with more serious conditions incurring higher risks – thus increasing premium rates accordingly.

Honesty is key when applying for life insurance. Hiding medical conditions could result in fraud, which would reduce death benefits to beneficiaries. Life insurers perform background checks to verify your responses and unearth any omitted details; additionally they record any fraudulent incidents in their MIB group insurance database that is shared among insurers.

Due to the severity of their preexisting condition, some may not qualify for standard term or whole life policies. When this occurs, guaranteed issue policies that don’t require medical exams as an option or other forms of coverage such as final expense plans or group life insurance offered through work could provide alternatives.