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White Gold Zambian Emerald Rose Cut Diamond Ring Gemstrademart

Discover the epitome of elegance with Gemstrademart's White Gold Zambian Emerald Rose Cut Diamond Ring. As a leading wholesaler and supplier of gemstone jewelry in the USA, we offer our gorgeous customized gemstone jewelry pieces at wholesale rates, Uplifting retailers, suppliers, and distributors to elevate their businesses. Crafted with precision and customized to ensure the perfect fit, this ring boasts a single crystal oval-shaped Zambian Emerald encircled by rose-shaped emeralds and diamonds. The 8.88 Cts total gemstone weight, set in pure white Gold without any mixture.A Customized Gold Zambian Emerald beautiful ring for women can be a good birthday or anniversary gift. With a gross weight of 13.32, free shipping, and our Dedication to the best manufacturing designs, this piece stands as a Innovative addition to our brand Gemstrademart best and elegant Gemstone jewelry collection.