Embrace uncertainty and stride forward; begin with a nail polish reboot

I’ve succeeded in my first attempt at ‘dry Jan’, which has included staying off social media, too. And, brilliantly, I’m back to singing to myself in the street. My creativity is on full fire and I’m enjoying time with myself. I’ve been out and about, appeared from my mole hole and have been seeing friends, clutching fizzy water and leaving big lippy kisses on their cheeks. I feel excited about ‘embracing uncertainty’; in fact, I feel giddy at the potential.

With this lift, I can actually muster the memory of what it’s like when the sky is blue, rather than that being the colour of everyone’s mood.

As this first month draws to a close, I challenge us all to remind ourselves that 2019 can be whatever we want it to be. With this in mind I’ve swapped my usual gothic nails to a more mystic-pearl, metallic, translucent glaze called Starlight Dust, from & Other Stories. Sometimes it’s the small things, but I do love to look down at a cosmic nail! In my opinion, hands are for decorating. I love precious gems in chunky rings that remind me of special places, and a sparkling nail in the pursuit of gesticulating positivity and true glamour. LET’S DO THIS.